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Examples of wireframes I've created as rough schematics in the early stages of digital product design to help visualize and communicate the structure of a product.

Screen Shot 2024-01-28 at 7.15.55 PM.png

Online Bike
Shopping App

A brick and mortar bike shop wants to expand their customer base by reaching a wider audience through an online way to shop. This also allows customers to save multiple trips to the store when deciding on which bike to purchase. Customers tend to shop online first, for the sake of convenience. Making products available online would give the store more visibility, appearing in online searches.

Wireframes found in this lo-fi prototype depicts an early version of the final digital productTo learn more, here is a case study.

Sushi Delivery App

As this design proceeded, I ensured that my work was based on the feedback from my research. I created a digital prototype of my hand drawn wireframes in Figma and proceeded to test it with users.

Wireframes found in this lo-fi prototype depict an early version of a sushi delivery app created for a Detroit business.

To learn more, here is a case study for that app.

wireframe2 copy.jpg

Saunter App

I'm in the early stages of creating an app that combines urban exploring and geocaching.

The wireframes in this lo-fi prototype depicts an early version of the digital product in the design process.

Here's a high-fidelity prototype in progress.

Recent College Grad App

This wireframe depicts an early version of an app for recent college graduates.

Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 4.02.09 PM.png
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